#3 Podcast – Kim Johnson – Tony Robbins Coach – Author Nail it in 90.

How does masculine and feminine energy operate in the work place?

Kim Johnson is the author of the book Nail it in 90 and she has been a Tony Robbins coach for many years.

We both first learnt about masculine and feminine energy with Tony Robbins about 12 years ago. Kim and I are both fascinated by the subject. In this episode Kim and I discuss a few things relating to masculine and feminine energy and how it impacts us in life.

Strong women are rewarded heavily for being strong and as such are rewarded for being in their masculine energy at work. They achieve promotions and they achieve massive financial success at work. How do they feel when they get home? How does being in their masculine energy effect them in their relationships?

Kim and I in this podcast, discuss things like –
What happens if you are in feminine energy and you work from home?
What happens if you are working in a corporate business with others and you’re in your masculine energy?
What happens when you go home and you’re in masculine energy?

Balancing your masculine and feminine energy changes everything.

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