#7 Guided Meditation Integrating Masculine and Feminine Energy

Why should we integrate both masculine and feminine energy? 

Both men and women have access to masculine and feminine energy.   However we don’t always use both energies.  Some of us get stuck in one energy.

When we are stuck in one, we eventually become upset and unfulfilled.

For a full understanding of masculine and feminine energy please click on this previous podcast – #1 101 of masculine and feminine energy.

The Meditation


The meditation I have prepared for you in this podcast, will solidify and integrate in your subconscious mind confirming that you have access to both energies.  It will reinforce that you will ALWAYS have access to those 2 energies.

On a side note – If you haven’t watched the tv show called  ‘Man Up’ on the ABC   I highly recommend to watch it at some stage. The show highlights the direct effect of how society has urged men to be strong.  Boys are told to ‘man up’.  They’re not allowed to be seen as vulnerable.

This is exactly what’s now happening with women.  We are told NOT to be vulnerable even with our partners  – apparently doing so is a sign of weakness.  It’s somehow demonstrating we are not equals?

At the end of the day we are all human.  Every one of us needs to be able to flick the switch to masculine and feminine energy.

Oh and I should say….. for ease of explaining – I refer to energy as masculine and feminine energy.  Of course some women don’t like being referred to masculine and some men don’t like being referred to as feminine.

If you don’t like the terminology, you can replace the words masculine energy with the words power and strength and you can replace the words feminine energy with the words love, vulnerability and peace

The bottom line

Everyone needs strength and everyone needs softness. Everyone needs balance.

Stop telling people to toughen up when they try to express how they feel. Stop telling boys and girls to ‘not cry like a girl.’  Encourage our children to be strong and brave and encourage our children to be vulnerable and to talk.

We all need access to both energies.  Regardless of our gender. Regardless of our age.

What do you think about women being strong all the time?

What are your thoughts about this podcast?   Would love to hear in the comments below.

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