What is the best relationship and dating book for women?

Ok.. so maybe I am a little biased…… however I truly believe that Banish The Bitch and Bring Out The Babe is one of the best dating / relationship books for women on Amazon.

Banish the Bitch And Bring Out The Babe also achieved International Best Seller on Amazon as one of the Top Dating books and top books for women who are divorced.

Top Dating Books for women

Why?  Because there has been a massive thing missing from most dating books.

Most dating and relationship books do not explain about masculine and feminine energy.

Why is masculine and feminine energy so important when you are looking to find a man?  It’s important because without polarity in a relationship your relationship will be doomed to fail.

You need to focus on your energy first.  

This is where you need to start.

What do I mean exactly?

If you watched the video on my home page, (for those that haven’t you can watch it HERE)  you will see that opposite energies DO attract.

So many women after reading my book, tell me that they now realise that they scared their men away.  They didn’t know why.

They had no idea what or why it happened.  Now they know.

A few simple shifts in your energy can change everything.


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