What do single women want to know about dating, relationships and love?

What questions do you have?  

What do single women that want to find love want to know?   

According to my research, single women type exactly the following words into Google looking for answers.

Click on the links and we’ll answer as we go…..    Top dating books


Dating in NYC

Dating rules for women

Dating tips

Find a husband online 
Find a foreign husband
Find foreign husband
Find husband 
Finding the right man
Get a boyfriend
How do I get a boyfriend
How to attract men
How to find a husband after 35
How to find a husband after 40
How to get a boyfriend
How to get boyfriend
How to get a man
How to get a man to want you
How to get the man you want
How to get your man
How to meet men
I need a boyfriend
I want a boyfriend
Ways to meet men
Where can I find a boyfriend
 Top Dating Books for women
I will aim to get you the best answers to the questions you want to know.
Lisa B is the author of Banish The Bitch And Bring Out The Babe and host of The Lisa B Show.

How to find a man









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