#2 Podcast – Kim Johnson – Tony Robbins Coach – Author Nail it in 90.

Why is everyone so confused about masculine and feminine energy?

Kim Johnson is the author of the book Nail it in 90 and she has been a Tony Robbins coach for many years. We both first learnt about masculine and feminine energy from Tony Robbins about 12 years ago. Kim and I are both fascinated by the subject. In this episode Kim and I discuss how masculine and feminine energy impacts us in life.

What do you see most women struggle with in masculine and feminine energy?
Everyday pressures have put women in the masculine role and they don’t know how to switch out of it. Many are stuck in the extreme of their masculine energy.

What do you see men struggle with in masculine and feminine energy?
Men don’t know how handle women in their masculine energy. Men are confused with how they treat a woman who is in their masculine energy. Do they treat them like a man or a woman?

Discover why everyone is so confused about masculine and feminine energy.

If you’re a man that is with a strong woman, listen to this.


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